Successful recruitment starts here

At E1 we understand that to compliment and progress your business, recruiting the right candidate is paramount.  The recruitment process can be challenging and extremely time consuming and this is where E1 Recruitment can help; let us do the ‘leg work’.

Our small team of recruitment consultants are experienced in the financial services industry, with qualifications in either financial planning and/or mortgage brokering.  They understand the industry and the demands of the varied roles, whether self-employed or employed.  

Our team are skilled in recognising the competency and expertise of individuals and by scrutinising CV’s and talking to potential candidates in depth before recommending them for interview, this can significantly save you time. 

We will discuss with you in detail, the requirements of any vacancy you wish to fill, so that we fully comprehend the role on offer.  This will enable us to ensure that we when we recommend someone for interview they will not only be qualified for the position, but a good fit for your business.

For a smooth and efficient recruitment experience, please contact us for more information on how our services could benefit you.